Ochre and Salt works with a range of stakeholders to build individual, community and service system capacity.

We design and deliver a broad range of community and organisational training programs to meet local needs. We customise training experiences in partnership with our clients.
We work closely with organisations and service systems to design programs that meet local needs and priorities. We provide management consultancy, funding acquisition, commissioning, and program set-up services to build local programs for local people.
We provide specialist consultation and facilitation support to build ideas from the ground up. We support organisations to identify knowledge holders, stakeholders and interest groups and then to work with them to build approaches together. We also provide facilitation support for workshops, planning or brainstorming activities to harness ‘collective thought’.
We work with a range of mainstream and indigenous organisations to build confidence and ability to better meet the needs of First Australian communities. This can include governance and systems support for indigenous organisations as well as cultural capacity consultancy for mainstream organisations, management advice or consultation leadership.

We specialise in the development of policies and systems to support the delivery of human services. This can include documentation of policy and procedure, interpretation of legislation into practice, quality management systems and broader strategic or operational planning activities.

We work with schools, health services and community services to design wellbeing programs in response to community needs and priorities. Our work is customised and in partnership with local stakeholders.