Consultation and Facilitation

Ochre and Salt provides a range of consultation, coordination and facilitation services to assist organisations to connect with local people, understand the needs and interests of stakeholders and build local perspectives into service planning, funding and service delivery activities.

We specialise in supporting organisations to work effectively with communities who may be vulnerable or marginalised yet have important knowledge and opinions that need consideration in service planning and delivery.

Previous and existing projects

Regional Planning

We work with service stakeholders across the non-government, health and community sectors to develop regional health plans in a range of areas, including mental health, women’s health and chronic disease management. Projects have involved community consultation through a range of methods, coordinating partner meetings, facilitating brainstorming and planning meetings, coordinating the development of proposed models and developing recommendation reports for decision makers.

Co-Design Commissioning

We work with Primary Health Networks to design, test and consult on service models and funding initiatives prior to commissioning activities. Consultancy has involved coordination of co-design through to the development of recommendations for commissioning, then the leadership and coordination of the commissioning activity.

group & individual menotring & supervision

We have provided group-based and individual cultural support/supervision for teachers and teaching staff to improve confidence and skills in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teens living away from home off-Country. This included activities and discussions relating to supporting the cultural and spiritual needs of kids in the school environment, as well as practical skills for dealing with mental and physical health issues, coordination with local services and development of professional linkages with local community members and service providers. 

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