First Peoples Cultural Consultancy

As an Accredited Aboriginal Business, Ochre and Salt is passionate about supporting communities and service systems to develop more authentic and productive relationships to achieve the needs and aspirations of local communities.

Our approach is contextual and adaptive, as no community is the same, nor are the dynamics and relationships between stakeholders.

We work across government, corporate and non-government sectors to assist providers of human services to tailor approaches to meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We specialise in consultancy that assists stakeholders to develop more effective and sustainable relationships on a local level: we feel that our work in this space has been successful when we are no longer needed, when local relationships are sustainable to achieve local needs. 

Previous and existing projects

Resource development

Working in an area where health literacy was low, yet chronic illness was high and health management practices were not proving to be effective, we worked with a Primary Health Network to develop highly visual and culturally relevant printed materials to explain health care pathways and approaches. Resources also empowered community members to ask questions, know their rights and feel more confident in approaching care providers.

Tailoring existing training

We have worked with national and international organisations to tailor and contextualise existing training materials for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences. Examples have included the tailoring of a trauma-informed care training package for family support services, and the development/tailoring of mental health training products to address specific community priorities and concerns.


Working with a large charity struggling to develop trusted relationships with a local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, we developed a range of focus groups, consultation meetings then mediation meetings to develop shared vision, expectations and protocols for more effective future relationships.


We work with a range of local artists, designers and film makers to tell stories in forms that are accessible and meaningful for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Examples have included the development of infographics and culturally-relevant icons to assist in navigating training materials, the development of scripted dramas to demonstrate mental health skills in areas including gambling and self-injury, ‘Talking Heads’ resources to share lived experiences through films and story-telling artworks to represent topics or issues that may be difficult to talk about or challenging for cultural reasons (for example, use of substances of addiction, dementia or suicide).

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